Are Home Inspection Services Required for a New Home Build?

calgary home inspection

3Buying a new home is exciting and a big investment. Although a home inspection is not required for a new home, it’s always a good idea to have one done. A licensed home inspector is on your side and can notice things the builder may not point out. Here are four top reasons to get a Calgary home inspection on a new home build.

New Home Builds have Problems that a Calgary Home Inspector can Uncover

Even the best builders can miss things in the complicated process of building a home. Many different subcontractors come in and do their part, often without regard to the house as a whole. This makes it likely that even a new home will have building problems, and it’s better to find out about them with home inspection services before you buy.

Building Inspections and Home Inspections are Not the Same

Municipal building inspections are designed to make sure it is in compliance with building codes. But building codes are only basic standards. Home inspection services give you a more complete picture of your new home.

Problems Found During Home Inspection Services can be Fixed Before You Move In

If your Calgary home inspector uncovers potential problems during the inspection, these can be dealt with before you move in. Any defects or safety issues can be handled before they cause serious consequences or damage.

A Calgary Home Inspection Protects You at Resale

When it’s time to sell your home, the new buyer is likely to get a Calgary home inspection. This may uncover problems with the original construction that you never noticed. But they are your problems now because it’s too late to contact the builder.


Hire a Calgary home inspector to look at your new home before you move in and save yourself potential hassles down the road.


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