Create a Safe Living Environment for Your Family with Radon Testing

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Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is colorless and odorless; it can seep into your home undetected and is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Keep your family safe by testing for radon in your home.

What is Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that is the result of the natural breakdown of uranium minerals underground. Outdoors, radon is diffused in the air and does not create a threat. Indoors, however, radon can enter undetected and build up to unsafe levels because it can’t be smelled, seen, or tasted.

Radon can get into your home anywhere there is contact with the soil and an opening in the house, including cracks in the foundation, holes around pipes, floor drains, cracks in the slab, and cavities in the walls. Wells and other natural water supplies also contribute to radon levels in your home.

Radon Related Health Risks

High levels of radon in your home increase the risk you and your family have of developing lung cancer. The risk varies depending on the length of exposure, the levels of radon, and whether or not you smoke. Smoking in combination with radon exposure greatly increases the risk of lung cancer.

Testing Your Home for Radon

The majority of houses have some radon, but because the gas is undetectable by humans, proper radon testing is the only way to determine the levels of radon in your home. A certified  home inspection company can perform a radon test for you. Long-term testing is recommended and should last at least three months to provide a more accurate reading of your home’s average radon levels.

How to Find a Radon Testing Company

Choose a radon testing company that uses the latest technology to provide high quality service inspections. If you want radon testing performed in your home, get in touch with a licensed home inspection company.

Ensure your home is safe with radon testing from Integra Inspections.

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