Improve Indoor Air Quality With a Full Home Inspection

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Points to Consider About Indoor Air Quality:

Due to many unavoidable reasons, the air quality in your home can be exposed to many pollutants. Because a family spends 90 percent of its time indoors, it is common to get an exposure to these harmful pollutants indoors than outdoors. Volatile paints, lead, poisonous mold spores and pesticides are common pollutants found indoors. Prolonged exposure to these pollutants can lead to severe respiratory infections, health issues and other upper respiratory tract problems.

Factors That Could Affect Indoor Air Quality:

Although most homes in North America are closed, the main reason of air pollution is indoor pollutants and emission. Because of the poor ventilation in most of the homes, fresh air doesn’t dilute the indoor air adequately. This leads to a deterioration of the indoor air quality eventually.

Heading: Pollutant Sources:

There are many sources that can cause indoor air pollution in your home. The heat released from combustion, tobacco smoking, damp carpets, asbestos particles, emission and odor from house cleaning products and pesticides, emission from the heating and cooling systems, mold and lead release from volatile paint are some of the major sources of air pollutants.

How a Detailed Home Inspection Can Help You

During a detailed home inspection, your home inspector will go through each detail to check the humidity and temperature level in your home, presence of volatile organic compounds in air, ventilation check, surface mold check and airborne mold check, dangerous gas detection and HVAC system inspection . Based on these checks, the home inspector will produce a report indicating the problems with your indoor air quality .

Finding the Right Home Inspector in Calgary

All inspection companies don’t check indoor air during a full home inspection. Find the right home inspector for your detailed home inspection , which should include humidity check, and detail checking for pollutant levels and radon testing .

Contact Integra Inspection Services in Calgary for full home inspection and indoor air check.

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