3 Things You Need to Have a Successful Calgary Licensed Home Inspection

calgary home inspection

Get ready to purchase a new home by having a licensed home inspection. This important part of the buying process helps you discover the condition of the home and potential problems that you could face after closing the deal. Make the most of your inspection with these three things you need to have a successful Calgary licensed home inspection.

1. A Professional, Licensed Home Inspector Calgary

The first step to any home inspection is finding a qualified Calgary home inspector. Ask for recommendations from others and look for an inspector who is properly licensed and insured to perform home inspections in your area. Look at a sample report to make sure it’s thorough and clear. Find out what the rates are and what the inspection covers.

2. A Checklist and Disclosure for a Calgary Home Inspection

When you tour the home initially, start a list of anything that concerns you so that the home inspector can pay particular attention to those areas. The seller should also give you a disclosure statement that you can use to narrow down some areas you want to get extra attention during the Calgary home inspection.

3. Time for the Licensed Home Inspection Calgary

Set aside time on the day of your Calgary home inspection so you can be there during the entire process. Follow the Calgary home inspector  around as much as possible; ask questions and don’t rush. Think of this as a time where you can gather important information about the home’s systems, the home’s condition, and maintenance tips. Expect this time to feel a bit like a whirlwind of information and be ready to take lots of notes.

A Calgary licensed home inspection is an important part of buying a house. Preparing for your inspection beforehand can help you get the most value out of the home inspection.

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