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Home Inspections
Clear Insights Into Your Home

Purchasing a home is a big investment, and you shouldn’t take any chances. We offer clear insights into the condition of a property backed by years of experience and the latest technology. Our home inspections are beneficial for all parties involved, as they allow clear insight into a home’s current status.

What You Should Know About Home Inspections

The Benefits

The benefits of a home inspection extend to buyers, sellers and Realtors. Our services help those involved in a property purchase decision understand exactly what the home’s current condition is, leading to peace of mind and informed decisions.

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The Cost

Home inspections are here to save you money, whether you are a buyer or seller. Knowing the true condition of a property can help avoid a costly investment and problems after a sale.

The Details

Top to bottom and front to back, our home inspections cover the major system inside and outside of a home. This includes identifying major problems and concerns that may worsen over time.


Are any shingles missing? Is the roofing system near the end of its useful life?


Is any siding cracked or broken? What is the condition of any steps or porches?


Are there cracks in the foundation? Has work been done that may compromise the structure?


Is the proper wiring in use for high voltage outlets? Is the electrical box properly grounded?

Heating &

What is the condition of the furnace filter? Is there evidence of combustion near the flue?

Insulation &

Are any energy leaks noticeable? Is there a temperature difference from room to room?


Is the water pressure consistent for faucets? What type of pipes are in use?


What is the condition of the walls, floor and ceiling? Are the windows still adequately sealed?

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Call or book your appointment online. We’ll ask you for your contact information and schedule an inspection time that works for everyone.

Let’s Inspect Together

Feel free to join us during our inspection. We love to answer questions and provide additional information for those curious about the property.

Review Your Detailed Report

Our full-colour reports detail all the systems of a home, their current condition and suggestions for improvement or repair as needed.

Have Confidence in Your Home

Once your inspection is complete, we stay on your side for life. Feel free to contact us with any follow-up questions or concerns you may have.
We Inspect the Unexpected
Inspections With Integrity

We build lasting relationships with our clients. Once the inspection is over, we are still available to answer any questions or provide advice about the home because we value a comprehensive and supportive inspection experience. As active members of our industry, we believe integrity should be at the heart of everything we do.

Inspect Before You Buy

The home inspection is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. We are your unbiased partner in the homebuying process.

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A home inspection is an unbiased and routine examination of a house, condo unit or other residential space. Inspectors generate a report that catalogues and details the current condition of the various systems in the home. 

No, you do not need to attend the inspection. However, we encourage our clients to join us so that they have a more thorough understanding of our report and can ask any questions they may have. 

No, you do not have to perform a home inspection. However, we recommend buyers and sellers insist upon them to have a complete understanding of their home.

No. Our home inspections are unbiased and intended to provide information about the current state of the home and not our personal opinions.