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When you work with Integra, you choose a better purchase path for your clients. By helping them see the exact condition of a potential home, you save them the time and money they might otherwise lose while building a stronger relationship.

What We Cover

Our inspections cover 145 separate points of a home, including a thorough analysis of the systems within. From the roof to the foundation and everything in-between, we cover all the major areas of a home or condo unit.

Benefits For Your Clients

Help your clients see potential properties for what they truly are and build a strong relationship of trust with Integra Inspections. We help you and your clients understand the true value of a home with detailed and transparent inspection reports.

Work With Us

And show your clients that you want what’s best for them.

We’ve Got Your Back

Our inspections are detailed and without influence. We establish relationships with Realtors to help them provide greater value to their clients and build long-lasting trust and rapport.

We have your best interests at heart during every inspection
We offer a complimentary subscription to the Home Binder app
Every Integra inspection includes infrared thermal imaging
Full colour reports include photos & online home owners manual
We have the top inspection standards & never inspect at night
We are an unbiased third party in the home buying process
We offer a full money-back Satisfaction Guarantee
We utilize the latest technology to perform quality inspections
Make the Best Decision For Your Clients
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