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Condo Inspections
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Condo inspections in Calgary allow you to gain insight into a particular condo unit. We use the latest technology, like drones and IR imaging, to deliver a comprehensive and detailed report based on years of experience. For peace of mind and confidence in a purchase decision, contact Integra Inspections today.

What You Should Know About Condo Inspections

The Benefits

The benefits of our condo inspections in Calgary are numerous and apply to the buyer, seller and Realtor involved in the purchase. We are impartial to the sale, helping provide a foundation of shared information for negotiations to take place.

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The Cost

The cost of our home, condo or pre-listing inspections is based on providing real value to our clients. We offer additional services, like radon testing, to increase that value, but it’s our experience that makes us the preferred inspection company.

The Details

Our inspections go through each of the systems in your condo unit and ensure any issues or concerns are well documented, as well as their current status. Get the assurance you need to buy or sell with our attention to detail.


Shingles, underlayments, eavestroughs and more are included in the roofing section of our inspection.


Balconies, handrails and the grounds of your condo building are checked thoroughly during our inspection.


Any issues with the flooring, siding and other structural components of your home will not escape our keen eyes.


We inspect your electrical box, wiring and other electrical components during a condo inspection.

Heating &

HVAC systems are complicated and require a professional assessment, but we can help you understand the current state.

Insulation &

The insulation and ventilation of your home are essential to comfort and safety, which is why we maintain diligence.


Proper water pressure, fittings and hoses help ensure the longevity of your plumbing system.


Your home’s interior inspection includes floor, walls and ceilings, among other key points.

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Book an Appointment

The first step in your condo inspection is to contact us by phone or email. We will take down your contact details and set up an appointment time.

Let’s Inspect Together

Our inspectors will go through the condo unit and inspect it to our rigorous standards. Feel free to join us!

Review Your Detailed Report

We will generate a report that includes our findings and colour photos of each system in your home with identified issues.

Have Confidence in Your Home

Armed with our in-depth report, you can make an informed purchase decision about the condo unit in question.
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Inspections With Integrity

We built the foundation of our company around the central pillar of integrity in our inspections and strive to uphold this value every day. Our focus is on building strong and lasting relationships with our clients to help them navigate owning a home and maintaining it properly.

Inspect Before You Buy

The home inspection is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. We are your unbiased partner in the homebuying process.

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A condo inspection can help ensure you have the peace of mind and confidence necessary to make an informed purchase decision. 

Our years of experience help us understand the ins-and-outs of residential construction so we can provide a thorough assessment of all the systems in your home and their current condition. 

No, condo inspectors are impartial. We can provide information about the current state of the condo and offer suggestions for improvement, as well as an in-depth report of our findings.