5 Common Problems Found in Home Inspections

calgary home inspection

Home inspections are an important part of buying a home. They allow you to discover the condition of the property so you don’t end up with a number of unexpected problems. No home is perfect, so it’s likely that the Calgary home inspector will find some problems you’ll want to consider as you make a final decision. Here are five common problems found during home inspections.

Faulty Wiring Uncovered During a Calgary Home Inspection

Modern homeowners often place high demands on electrical systems. Haphazard upgrades performed by homeowners, outdated wiring, or worn systems are a common wiring problems that a Calgary home inspection can uncover.

A Calgary Home Inspector Finds Poor Drainage

Poor drainage found during a Calgary home inspection could be because the property wasn’t properly graded to begin with, erosion has caused problems, or the structure has settled with time. Whatever the cause, poor drainage results in water collecting around the foundation, which can cause a variety of problems.

Plumbing Issues Discovered by a Home Inspector

Outdated plumbing systems, leaks, weak water pressure, and clogs are commonly found by a Calgary home inspector, particularly in older homes. Sometimes they can be repaired, but occasionally the entire system needs to be replaced.

Home Inspection Services Reveal Roof Damage

Roof damage is easy to miss when you look at a home, but aged surfaces, improper installation, and damaged shingles or flashing are common problems uncovered during home inspection services.

The Home Inspection Shows Poor Upkeep

Worn carpet, chipping paint, and a cracked driveway are not big problems on their own, but together a lack of proper maintenance adds up to big expenses for the new homeowner.

Home inspection services are a great way to get a professional look at the condition of a home, so you know what you’re getting before you decide to buy.

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