How Do I Choose A Calgary Home Inspector?

calgary home inspection

Finding your dream home is an exciting moment. Don’t let the dream become a nightmare after buying because of unexpected problems and repairs. A home inspection helps you determine if the home you’re considering is the right home for you. But first, you need to find a home inspector. Do your research and use these questions to help you choose the right Calgary home inspector.

Are You a Member of a Professional Organization?

Reputable home inspectors are often part of a professional organization that follows certification and licensing procedures. These organizations require members to conduct home inspections according to certain standards.

What’s Your Background as a Home Inspector?

A Calgary home inspector needs the experience and expertise to accurately evaluate a home. Look for someone with experience performing home inspections or someone with extensive training and a background in the building industry.

How Long will the Home Inspection Take?

Calgary home inspection services usually take about two to three hours. If someone promises to be done in about an hour, they won’t be able to give you a thorough inspection.

What does the Calgary Home Inspection Service Cover?

A home inspection should include a visual assessment of the major systems including roofing, electrical, exterior, structure, plumbing, heating, cooling, interior, and insulation.

Can I Attend the Calgary Home Inspection?

A good Calgary home inspector will allow you to attend the home inspection. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about the home and ask questions about the condition of the home and possible repairs.

Can I See a Sample Inspection Report?

Calgary home inspection services include an inspection report. Ask to see a sample report to make sure the reporting style matches your preferences and the requirements of your lender.

Use these questions to help you choose Calgary home inspection services.

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