Commonly Missed Red Flags Showing the Importance of Home Inspections

calgary home inspection

If you have ever been involved in buying a new or old home and in a real estate transaction, you have probably understood the importance of a home inspection before moving in. For many homeowners, the experience of the process of getting a home inspection is quite different. While some of them are confident about the home inspector’s report, many find faults even after the home is thoroughly inspected. Here is a brief overview

A Home Inspection May Find Damaged Sewer Lines:

Checking on the sewer lines during the inspection is extremely important. During the two or three hour long inspection, your inspector will focus on many external problems that the house may have including sewer lines and the drain pipe. In this way, they can find out how old the drain pipe is. Some experienced inspectors also look for tree or stumps near the sewer line, which are the major cause of potential damage in the sewer line. Advanced home inspections now include a step called sewer pipe scoping , which is done by sending a camera down the drain pipe to see any potential damages.

Cracked Heat Exchanger Can be Discovered During an Inspection:

Home inspectors will check the AC and HVAC unit thoroughly, they will be sure to check if there is a cracked heat exchanger. Most of the old heat exchangers develop cracks that allow indoor air to mix with combustion air and cause problems in the AC unit. By law, a cracked heat exchanger should be replaced before reusing the AC furnace

Your Home Inspector will Check for Proper Grading and Drainage:

Ideally, a home built with adequate grading allows water to drain properly. However, there can be a multitude of problems if the water is not drained properly. It can lead to mold formation, damage the foundation and crack the base over time. These repairs will be fairly costly too.

Ensure you know the true quality of your home.

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