How to Hire a Qualified Home Inspector

calgary home inspection

In the midst of the excitement of purchasing a new home, remember to have a home inspection before you sign on the dotted line. Hiring the right home inspector in Calgary can seem like a drag when it’s one more thing added to your to do list. Thankfully, these tips can make it easy to find qualified home inspection services in your area.

Finding a Calgary Home Inspector

When looking for a Calgary home inspector to hire, consider these five tips.

  • Take your time – Begin looking for a home inspector early; perhaps even before you begin looking for a home. This gives you time to look for an inspector without rushing.
  • Seek recommendations – Ask people for recommendations for home inspectors, including a trusted real estate agent. But be wary of choosing an inspector that’s affiliated with the seller’s agent or agency.
  • Check their background – Look into any potential home inspectors to make sure they are certified and licensed to perform home inspection services. Verify they have experience performing home inspections; consider asking for feedback from former clients.
  • Consider insurance – Check whether the home inspector carries errors and omissions insurance; this covers any mistakes or oversights during the inspection process.
  • Follow the inspector – During the home inspection, follow the inspector to observe the process. They can then talk to you about any problems they discover during the inspection and answer any questions you have.

Calgary Home Inspection Services

Use these tips to help you find a qualified home inspector who will provide you with a complete and accurate report. This gives you valuable information about the state of the home before you agree to purchase it. A Calgary home inspector helps you identify potential problems with the major systems of the house, which can save you from unexpected expenses and hassle later on.

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