Installing and Maintaining Smoke and CO Detectors:

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Although many families have both smoke and CO alarms installed, they forget to get it inspected regularly to see whether the detectors are working fine or not. Smoke and CO alarms can save your life. Luckily, inspection companies offer a full home inspection service that includes radon testing and gas detector check too. During these inspections, they check the interconnected smoke alarms, check their wiring and see if the detectors are working fine.

Suggestions for Checking Your Smoke and CO Detectors:

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors by performing these basic checks. Test the detectors in a regular interval or at least once a month. See if the batteries are in optimal condition and need replacement. Battery check must be done every six months.

Ensure Your Detector is Well Maintained:

To maintain your smoke and CO detectors, keep them clean. If you find a layer of dust, don’t forget to vacuum out. If you don’t have one smoke alarm in each floor and near every bedroom, get it installed. Check with a local professional inspection team to find the right place of detector installation.

How a Full Home Inspection Can Help

professional full home inspection reveals any hidden problems in your house and alarms. During this home inspection, a home inspector checks the position of each smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm. While some homes have hard-wired alarms, modern homes now feature wireless alarms connected to the system via signals. Inspectors will also check the connections in order to see if the alarms are in working condition.

Hire a professional inspector by calling the Integra Inspections Calgary for a detailed home inspection.

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