3 Great Questions to Ask Your Calgary Home Inspector

calgary home inspection

Buying a home involves many steps, one of the them is the home inspection. Whether you are purchasing a new home or one built years ago, a home inspection is a way for you to get a good idea about the condition of home before you buy. As you prepare for this important part of the buying process, ask your Calgary home inspectors these three questions.

1. What do Calgary Home Inspection Services Cover?

Make sure you know exactly what you are getting before scheduling an inspection with a company. Calgary home inspections should meet all the regulations in your area. Ask to see a copy of the items covered ahead of time and ask questions about anything you aren’t sure about. Also, talk to your inspector about any areas you are particularly concerned about and want them to pay attention to.

2. What’s Your Experience as a Calgary Home Inspector?

Find out how long the inspector has been providing Calgary home inspection services, how many home inspections they’ve completed, and if they are specifically experienced performing residential inspections. Proper training and experience are key to obtaining a good home inspection.

3. Can I Attend Calgary Home Inspections?

Your home inspection is a valuable opportunity for you to learn more about the home you’re considering purchasing. Always plan to attend Calgary home inspections to see the home for yourself and talk with the inspector as you go. If a home inspector refuses to allow you to attend the inspection, look for different Calgary home inspectors. You should also ask how long inspections usually take so you can schedule your time accordingly and be there for the entire process.

Calgary home inspection services are an important part of buying a home. Make the most of this service by asking your home inspector these three questions.

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