5 Simple and Easy Ways to Prepare for Your Calgary Home Inspection

calgary home inspection

Selling your home is a big project. One of the nerve-wracking parts of the process is waiting to hear the results of the home inspection. Preparing beforehand can help relieve some of the anxiety and get your home in the best condition possible. Here are five simple ways to prepare for Calgary home inspections.

1. Get the Roof Ready for Calgary Home Inspection Services

Give your roof a boost to make sure it passes Calgary home inspection services. Clean gutters, remove debris, check that gutter downspout extensions are properly placed, and trim any trees and bushes that touch the house.

2. Check the HVAC System

Heating and cooling are important for many buyers. Schedule a maintenance visit with a local HVAC company to make sure your system is in good condition before the Calgary home inspector arrives.

3. Evaluate the Electrical System before Calgary Home Inspections

Make sure your electrical system is working well before Calgary home inspection services. The best way is to hire a licensed electrician to evaluate the system, but there are a few things you can do yourself. Test electrical outlets with a receptacle tester, check that lights and fans work properly, and replace burned out bulbs.

4. Prevent Plumbing Problems

Check for and fix plumbing problems before Calgary home inspections. Look for leaks, make sure the cutoff handles turn smoothly, caulk around fixtures, and check that the drains drain freely.

5. Prepare for the Calgary Home Inspector

There are also a few things you can do to make your home ready for the Calgary home inspector. Make sure there is access to the electrical panel, attic, and crawl space. Clear the area under the sink so the inspector has access.

Preparing beforehand won’t eliminate the anxiety of waiting for the home inspection, but it can reduce it and help your home look its best.

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