Common Problems Found in Calgary Condo Inspections

calgary home inspection

Home inspections are an essential part of the process of buying a home, and condos are no exception. Before you purchase a condo, even if it’s new, schedule a professional home inspection, so you know what you’re buying. The results of an inspection are unique in each case, but here are some of the common problems inspectors find during a condo inspection.

Improper Electrical Wiring Uncovered During a Calgary Home Inspection

Electrical wiring problems are all too familiar. These issues can cause major problems down the road and are sometimes considered a fire hazard. Home inspection services can uncover many wiring problems such as outlets with reversed polarity and double taps.

Plumbing Problems Discovered during Home Inspection Services

Leaks around toilets or underneath sinks is also a common finding during a Calgary home inspection. These may be caused by a variety of plumbing problems like rusted or corroded plumbing, broken seals, or incorrect use of materials. Poor water pressure can also be the result of improper plumbing.

Dirty Heating System Found during a Condo Inspection

Homeowners often neglect to schedule an annual cleaning and maintenance visit for their heating system. As a result, inspectors often discover a dirty heating system during home inspection services. This may mean the heating system doesn’t work as well as it should or may be more likely to break down.

Inoperable Windows Noticed by a Home Inspector

One part of a Calgary home inspection is checking each window. It’s common to find broken sash cords, windows painted shut, or other issues that result in windows not functioning correctly. This is particularly likely in older homes.

Some buyers may be tempted to skip the home inspection when purchasing condos. However, these common problems found during a condo inspection help demonstrate the importance of the inspection process, even for condos.