5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Home Inspector

calgary home inspection

Getting an inside view of a home is a significant benefit of a home inspection, but sometimes it feels like the inspector is speaking a different language. Ask your Calgary home inspector these five questions to help you understand the findings of a home inspection and get the most out of the service.

How Bad are the Findings of the Home Inspection?

Inspectors tend to be pretty even keeled, and they’re straightforward about the facts. This is great, but can make it difficult as a home buyer to know which things are a big deal and which aren’t. Although a Calgary home inspector can’t provide an estimate for repairs, they can often give you a feel for the severity of the problem.

Who Should I have Fix That?

Many findings during inspection services are DIY fixes. Home inspectors can give helpful tips about which ones to attempt yourself and referrals for the bigger jobs.

As a Home Inspector, What Would You Fix, and When?

Inspection services point out all the things that might need repair, maintenance, replacement, or further inspection. This usually is a long list. But most home inspectors realize that no home is perfect. By asking this question, you can get a feel for what does or doesn’t need to be replaced and how to prioritize future work and maintenance.

Can You Point that Out?

You’ll probably be multitasking during the inspection services, so take a minute in the end to ask the inspector to walk you through their findings.

Can You Show Me How that Works?

Home inspectors are usually happy to show you how to work the various mechanical or other systems in the home.

A Calgary home inspector is a valuable source of information about a home. Get the most from your inspection by asking these five questions.

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