7 Reasons to Have a Licensed Home Inspection

calgary home inspection

Buying a home is expensive, and buyers may be tempted to skip things to save money. As tempting as it may be to avoid writing another check, it’s essential to get a licensed home inspection. Here are seven reasons why.

Home Inspection Services Detect Safety Issues

Testing for radon, mould, carbon monoxide and other safety issues can be part of home inspection services.

Uncover Illegal Installations or Additions

Sometimes additions are completed without a permit or aren’t up to code; even new homes can have things that aren’t installed to code. An inspection can uncover these issues, so they don’t become the new owner’s problem.

Home Inspections are a Negotiating Tool

A licensed home inspection report can be a tool for negotiating with the seller for repairs or a price reduction.

Forecast Future Costs with a Home Inspection

A home inspection company in Calgary can give you an inside view of the home you’re buying. They can approximate the age of major systems and diagnose the home’s current condition.

Determine Deal Breakers with Inspection Services

Home inspectors can help you determine how much additional effort and money you’re willing to spend and evaluate the home in for deal breakers.

A Home Inspection Company in Calgary Helps You Protect Your Investment

Walking through the house with an inspector gives you access to a wealth of information. They can provide tips for maintaining the home that can help protect your investment.

See the Big Picture with a Home Inspector

Home inspection services help buyers see the bigger picture. Buyers often fall in love with a particular aspect of a home and may not look at the issues that will cause big problems.

A home inspection company in Calgary can provide you with the valuable inspection you deserve.

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