5 Home Inspection Mistakes Made by Buyers and Sellers

calgary home inspection

A home inspection service gives you valuable information about a home, whether you are planning to buy or sell it. The service helps identify problems and provides information about upkeep. Make the most of Calgary home inspection services by avoiding these common mistakes made by buyers and sellers.

Not Researching Home Inspectors

Getting a recommendation is an excellent way to start looking for home inspectors but don’t stop there. Take time to research the inspector, and make sure you hire a qualified professional. Remember that a licensed home inspection is only as good as the person performing it.

Not Attending the Calgary Home Inspection

You aren’t required to attend the home inspection, but doing so makes sense. Merely reading the report won’t give you the same valuable information as being there in person where you can ask questions and see the things the report details.

Not Reading the Home Inspection Report

Many people glance at the report after a Calgary home inspection. Take the time after the review to read the report carefully and make sure you understand it.

Not Scheduling Presale Calgary Home Inspection Services

Both buyers and sellers should get a licensed home inspection before the sale goes through. For a seller, getting an inquiry before listing the home gives you time to make the necessary repairs. As a buyer, a home inspection gives you a good picture of the condition of the home.

Not Preparing for a Calgary Home Inspection

Get your home ready before the home inspectors arrive. This means opening locked areas, moving things from in front or on top of access to attics or basements, and generally making sure the inspector can reach all the areas they need to inspect.

Avoid these mistakes to help get the most of Calgary home inspection services.

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