Integra Inspections To Provide Home Inspections For Habitat For Humanity

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Integra Inspections is pleased to announce it has formed a partnership with Habitat For Humanity Southern Alberta. We are proud to have established this partnership going forward in a bid to help Habitat For Humanity Southern Alberta with all their housing projects with our Calgary home inspection services.

What Does Habitat For Humanity Do?

Since 1990, Habitat For Humanity has been building homes across the province of Southern Alberta. As a non-profit organization, and with the help of sponsors, donors, community partners and volunteers, they have been building homes for struggling families and giving them a chance to own one.  


Habitat For Humanity believe that home ownership is important as housing stability provides a better outlook for people, both in mental and physical health. It is especially crucial for children and their social and mental development.


They have built modest, high-quality homes, with each property being approximately 1,000 square feet, and designed to meet the requirements of the community. Over the past 29 years, they have built over 200 homes, providing relief for families, throughout Southern Alberta, including in Airdrie-Crossfield, Brooks, Calgary, Drumheller, Foothills, Medicine Hat, and Mountain View.


So how do families afford the homes? Habitat For Humanity provides families with the chance to buy homes with no down payment or interest, and with mortgage payments never exceeding more than 25% of each total household income. This way, families can relax in knowing they don’t have to stress about getting a new home.


How Does Our Home Inspection Services Help?

We will be providing all new and used homes under Habitat For Humanity’s control with thorough home inspections. For all their new properties, we will be conducting inspections to make sure the homes are safe, secure and ready to be used by the families.


When homes are vacated, we will conduct our home inspection services to the property to make sure that the property is still in decent condition. Our reports will help Habitat For Humanity know if they need any updates or renovations at the property.


As a licenced Calgary home inspector, we are committed to providing Habitat For Humanity with high-quality, reliable services. We are proud of our partnership and will continue to support them.


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