Some common problems found during a successful home inspection

calgary home inspection

To get more value out of your home when selling it, you need to do overall analysis about the home’s condition. Additionally, buyers can also decide to have your home inspected by a certified home inspector in order for them to know the actual condition of the home, rather than what the seller says. Having a home pre-inspected prior to selling it is a great way to build trust between the buyer and seller. If an inspection is done during negotiations, the buyers and sellers may feel anxiety after the inspection because the detailed inspection report will get the most important facts about the homes condition.


Common defects raised with home inspection are as follows:

Electrical wiring problems:

The internal portions of an electrical terminals, sometimes raise a flag due to faulty wirings in both new and old homes. Typically found problems that will need repair are: insulation issues and ungrounded outlets.

Roofing obstacles and ceiling stains:

During an accurate home inspection, the most common defects are found on the roof and ceiling. They need to be properly replaced, as deteriorated roof boots cause water to fall into attic or soffits. Roofs may become damaged due to age and excessive heat, which causes the adhesive bonding to weaken. A ceiling leak has only solution, and that is to be repaired, and hopefully the cause of the ceiling stain is found and corrected.

Issues related to plumbing:

Slow drains, leaky fixtures and faucets, are the minor defects of plumbing. Even in brand new luxury homes, those imperfections are commonly found. If these issues are found in an older home, it may be necessary to change the plumbing, especially for slow drains.

Heating, cooling, and ventilation defects:

How is the hot water heater and furnace performing? Are there any cold parts in the house? Does the ventilation system work properly? There are many expensive components in this area which are commonly worn out or needing replacement (most of the time an older homes furnace is the main problem)

Poor exterior and interior:

Structural cracks, poorly insultated windows, plaster damage, peeling paint, and wall cavities are the most common problems found when examining the interior and exterior of a home.

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