Getting your home inspected by a registered home inspector will save you money

calgary home inspection

Learn how a home inspection can benefit you

Buying a house can be very costly and every penny adds up. New home owners want to avoid spending any unnecessary money. Is it really important to get the house inspected? The simple and right answer is yes. Just to save some money you might think to skip a Calgary home inspection but in the long run, you might end up buying a property with some serious issues.

  1. Registered home inspectors help you save money

    By getting a professional & certified home inspector you save money and time. As a new home owner you would not know what to look for and what things might be red flags in a property. A Professional home inspector can tell the real problems and good things about the property. Also if there is any serious issues with make of the house and if there is a problem in the property you can demand the old house owner to fix it before you purchase. Before purchasing a property as a buyer you can negotiate with the previous owner for the fixes but after the purchase you would have to spend the money out of your own pocket.

  2. What can you expect a home inspector to provide you:

    • What (if any) structural work is necessary to ensure safety?
    • How long before the roof will need replacement?
    • How long before the furnace / air conditioner will need replacement?
    • Is the electrical panel properly wired? Any special safety concerns?
    • Are the insulation levels adequate?
    • Is the fireplace safe?
    • Basement leakage

    A properly written home inspection report will identify the condition, corrective action (provide, repair, monitor), where to find it in the home and the time frame in which the action should take place.

  3. How to choose a good home inspection company in Calgary:

    A good home inspection company will spend 2 to 3 hours onsite for the inspection and an hour to produce the detailed report, sometimes longer if there are more items. A reputable home inspection company should be honest and open to answering your question. If the inspector is very quick and not answering your questions then he/she should be immediately stopped as it only gets worse from here. Also another important question to ask your inspector if they provide infrared thermal imaging. Infrared thermal imaging is a very important part of an inspection because it helps to inspect components like flat roofs, stucco and other building items.

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