Having an annual home inspection, performed by a Calgary home inspector, is a great way to keep your home in tiptop shape throughout the year. Similarly, spring cleaning is the best time of year to book your regular professional inspections, including furnace, air conditioning, and plumbing inspections. Therefore, spring is the best time for a home inspection.

Although this line of reasoning does hold up against the most stringent inspection, you may feel like it is a little too simple. A little too straightforward, perhaps. Of course, that feeling is totally understandable, and you shouldn’t be left hanging with so little information. As a result, please consider the following reasons that further expound upon the value of springtime home inspections.

3 Reasons For Springtime Home Inspections

1. After-Winter Effects

Aside from the rationale described above, the best reason for a visit from a Calgary home inspector is the effect winter can have on your home. Winter can cause all sorts of problems, such as home settling, leaks, lawn damage, and more. Take, for example, the likelihood of pipes bursting during the winter months. This problem is a result of freezing water combined with a rush of pressure that your pipes simply cannot withstand. Every part of your home faces similar adversity during the winter months and immediately after the winter thaw.

2. Outdoor Considerations

An area of our homes that we seldom pay enough attention to is the exterior. The areas we exclude can include the foundation, eavestroughs, roof, and more. Yes, it is understandable that you believe these areas are permanent, and that they seldom see a lot of change. However, a home inspection can find issues that you had not considered before.

Home inspector, outside, examines a residential natural gas meter.

Issues that may include foundation cracks, dry or torn roof shingles, broken eavestroughs, or compromised window seals are all possible. Performing your home inspection after the harshness of winter and before the harshness of summer will give you sufficient time to get these repairs noted and addressed, as necessary.

3. Clear Visibility

The final reason on our list can appear obvious, initially. The visibility of your home and yard is reduced in the winter months as snow covers everything in a cool and refreshing blanket. However, this blanket is a disguise for the forces of erosion and corrosion, which are still very much active underneath the top layer. 

Therefore, having a home inspection when you can inspect every area freely and without obstruction is a good plan.  

Where to Find Quality Calgary Home Inspectors

There are many places for you to find quality home inspectors, and you should consider each of them with great scrutiny. However, if you were looking for a personalized opinion on the matter, the suggestion would be to read on just a bit further. Happy inspecting!

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