When it comes to buying a house, there’s a lot more to your home than just four walls and a roof. Your major appliances are like organs, keeping your home habitable. And your furnace is much like the heart of your home, keeping warm air flowing through the winter months. But that’s not all there is to HVAC. Air conditioning keeps your household cool in the blistering heat, provided it’s part of the integrated HVAC system; many homeowners are making AC a new priority.



A home inspection is not HVAC maintenance, but it might be even more important. A critical part of your home inspector’s professional process ensures that your HVAC system is worth its part of the home’s purchase price that you’re bidding—before you sign on the dotted line.



What Is HVAC?


HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Many homes have all three systems, but homes with just a furnace and ventilation are a bit more common depending on where you live. If your home-to-be is in Calgary, the term is interchangeable with furnace. If the furnace has problems, a given home’s HVAC system might not be worth much.



What Problems Can Home Inspectors Identify Due to Poor HVAC Systems?


If you’re lucky enough to be looking at your dream home, but the HVAC system is in disrepair, the experience of living there might not be pleasant. The furnace might make a lot of noise, and it might not move air, whether cooled or heated, in an efficient manner. In extreme cases, it could pose a natural gas hazard. Repair or replacement must be done by HVAC professionals.



How Can Home Inspectors Help You Understand a Listed Home’s HVAC System?


Naturally, if an HVAC system has been poorly maintained or it’s entered the final stages of its life-cycle, the overall value of the home is less than advertised. Replacing a furnace isn’t cheap. If replacing such a critical component of an HVAC system is totally necessary, you might want to bring that point into price negotiation for the home. Calgary home inspectors can give you an unbiased opinion on its condition and the likelihood of failure in the near future.



Signs the Home Needs a New HVAC System


As mentioned above, noise and slow-moving air are signs that the motorized blower component has struggled for months, if not years. Motors need lubrication on moving parts and a clear pathway through ducting to ease the load. Dust blowing out of the vent openings on the home’s floor are signs the ducts are clogged, and the motor has been overworked. There’s more to it, but those are some of the first indicators home inspectors look for.



Calgary Home Inspectors Help You Appraise an HVAC System’s Worth


In some cases, home inspections, or even condo inspections, require a look at the HVAC system. Inspectors lend you a sharp, trained eye not just on the structure and life-supporting fixtures of the home but also on the plumbing and electrical systems.


Your HVAC system transforms natural gas and electricity into a habitable temperature, but not without sophisticated components in need of responsible care. If that’s lacking, you might need a home inspector’s professional advice to confidently negotiate on the offer you’ll be making.

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