The world of a Calgary home inspector involves many different decisions and actions. Whether or not to include a minor fault is a key consideration, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. Throughout the average workday, a home inspector will find themselves making judgement calls, tough choices and more.

Therefore, in establishing what Calgary home inspectors can do, it is equally important to determine what they cannot do. Below we look at some of the activities that home inspectors will not do and why. 

Activities that Calgary Home Inspectors DON’T Do

Issue a Passing or Failing Mark

Perhaps the biggest misconception about home inspectors is that their job is to allow the sale or occupancy of a house. This is not the case. Instead, home inspectors are trained to identify potential problems in the construction of the house, record them and submit their findings for review. 

Telling people that they should or shouldn’t buy a house is not part of a home inspector’s responsibility. This prevents potential conflicts of interest and protects home inspectors from opening themselves up to potential liability. Additionally, it prevents purchasers from making decisions based on incomplete information or opinions.

Perform Destructive Testing

During an inspection, there are several methods of determining the acceptability or rejectability of a particular area. Take corrosion, for example. A metallic support with visual rust typically indicates some amount of corrosion or degradation in the material. It does not determine the exact amount of corrosion, however. This would require physical inspection and testing.

Senior Black Man Construction Manager Inspection

Home inspectors do not participate in this level of destructive testing. They are there to perform visual assessments and referrals to specialized services when required. Performing destructive testing could lead to rework or repair that do not involve a home inspector’s services.

Determine a Home’s Value

Home inspectors in Calgary and other areas are not required to determine a home’s value. Nor should they, in many circumstances. The reason for not performing this activity is similar to the previous examples. 

It is simply not the responsibility or duty of the home inspector to provide their opinion on this information. Realtors and real estate agents work in the housing industry to offer this information, along with municipal governments and other relevant professionals.

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